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he discovered on the Left the proletarians being
steadily expropriated and becoming class-con-
scious. They were just as endlessly various in
reality as the people at the top of the scramble ;
in reality but not in the mind of the Communist
seer. There they consolidated rapidly*
So while other men toiled at this gigantic
problem of collectivisation, Marx found his almost
childishly simple recipe. All you had to do was
to tell the workers that they were being robbed
and enslaved by this wicked " Capitalist System "
devised by the " bourgeoisie ". They need only
cc unite " ; they had " nothing to lose but their
chains". The wicked Capitalist System was
to be overthrown, with a certain vindictive
liquidation of " capitalists " in general and the
cc bourgeoisie " in particular, and a millennium
would ensue under a purely workers' control,
which Lenin later on was to crystallise into a
phrase of supra-theological mystery, " the dic-
tatorship of the proletariat \ The proletarians
need learn nothing, plan nothing ; they were
right and good by nature ; they would just< take
over ". The infinitely various envies, hatreds
and resentments of the Have-nots were to fuse
into a mighty creative drive. All virtue resided
in them ; all evil in those who had bettered
them. One good thing there was in this new